Shortcomings of the theory

With the set of concepts developed here, we are able to describe, in the course of evolution, essential changes in the reception and assimilation of information on the part of large cybernetic systems. It also becomes sufficiently clear that selection represents just one stage in the continuous higher organization of information assimilation on the part of the object, and in the optimization of the overall system. In my view, it has been sufficiently proven that it is possible, with an information-theoretical approach, to draw a mental line from potential reduction, and thus the second fundamental theorem of thermodynamics, all the way to contests between highly developed systems and their regulation at a superordinate level.

What has not been sufficiently worked out yet from my viewpoint is the exact concept formation and a precise distinction of the concepts from one another. A theory demanded in this context cannot be developed in one fell swoop. With its set of concepts, it is the momentary result of an evolutionary process as well. At the outset, certainly more questions are being asked than can be answered.