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Fuck the NSA
Fuck the EU – scheint ja langsam gesellschaftsfähig zu werden. Warum sich alles gefallen lassen?
Fuck the EU – slowly it seems to become socially acceptable. Why put up with everything?

Darwin -- and whats next?
The successes of the theory of natural and artificial selection are overwhelming – however, we are still far away from a universal explanation of life events and a real understanding of societal developments.

Stadtansichten Deutschland am Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts / Germany at the end of the 19th century
So sah Deutschland einmal aus!

A thought experiment over the climate of the Earth
Do you have the courage to make a thought experiment on the topic of climate? Indeed, the courage is needed to question what is taken as a given by society and is not to be questioned. You always need courage to confront society.

Book: The Battle of Systems
A Translation of the Book "Kampf der Systeme" by Andreas Zantop, to read here

The Third Way - A Solidarity Pact Without Functionaries
Der Dritte Weg – englisch – The Third Way

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